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The StarPoet Newsletter
Vol. XIII, No. XVII (April 22, 2012 C.E.)
StarPoet Newsletter by Lisa Jain Thompson
Taxes are done. Baseball is in full swing. Spring is warming up.  Go Nats!

Falcons and Eagles,
Deer and Red Foxes,
The usual suspect of varmints;
Spring run rampant,
Well fed and abundant,
Waiting outside our gate.

Lisa Jain Thompson c. 2012 C.E. 

I have daylight, I have warm weather, and now a light rain to wash the pollen from the sky.   I have poetry but Dick Clark died.
the day job

Fifty Shades

Each morning, on our way to work,
We all attempt to become someone else;
The poet becomes not-poet
But a specialist in logistics
And semi-coherent ERPs,
A wielder of grand strategies
And even grander funding profiles;
In the bus, however, I am a reader
Of women's soft core, the current
Best selling novel on my Kindle.

— Lisa Jain Thompson (April 2012)

For every expert, there is an equal and opposite expert.

-- Gibson's Law

remembering the tules
Fourth Floor Cloudy

Up at the fourth floor,
The fog is worthy of the Central Valley,
Stealth cow dense and unpenetrable;
The word for world is gray
With a promise of sunlight
Somewhat later in the day.

We might as well be in Sacramento.

Lisa Jain Thompson (April 2012)
the skill within
The Poet's Optempo

The poet's optempo varies with her seasons,
Sometimes a great notion,
At others, a shipwrecked island,
Tempest blown and desolate,
Peopled by imagination and extended reference;

A bright true line across the cosmos,
Star to star, light to light,
Bending with this,
The best of all possible universes
As she extends her moment of spacetime.

— Lisa Jain Thompson (April 2012)

There is almost no theory - however crackpot - for which you can't find at least one supporting research paper.

-- Ben Goldacre


Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy lies rotting in her grave,
Taken from this earth at the peak of her talent
By the cancer eating its way through her body;
She's singing on my player, Live from Blues Alley,
As soulful and in the moment as she ever was,
Bringing a tear to my eye by her voice alone;
Our minutes passed before I saw her perform,
Thinking we both had decades left to make our choices,
Choose our songs, and sing as if life depended on it.

Lisa Jain Thompson (April 2012)

You cannot reason people out of a position that they did not reason themselves into.

-- Ben Goldacre


The Earth and the Poet

The earth is a dark spot circling a dim star
Barely visible from Centauri;
The universe is more vast than this finite wit
Can find words and phrases to describe it.
I can no more master the cosmos I see before me
Than I can write a poem more perfect
Than a spring day.

Lisa Jain Thompson (April 2012)
the human situation
Hot Flow Anomalies

It is merely a question
Of machinery and intersection,
The working of body against body,
Flesh against flesh,
The junction of minds caught up
In strategic maneuver,
The placement of arms and legs,
The movement of fingers and lips,
The desperation interaction
Of human on human sex,
The monkey fucking set in motion
By proximity and rushing hormone,
The chuckling conversation
Of Moon and Time as Night
Slowly passes.

-- Lisa Jain Thompson  (April 2012)

…Sometimes you need to be imaginative about what kinds of research you do, compromise and be driven by the questions that need answering, rather than the tools available to you.

-- Ben Goldacre

my spring so far
Nose, Eyes and Throat

The noses itches, eyes red and run,
The throat grows scratchy and constricts,
Molecules of oxygen are counted one by one
As they are dragged into the lungs;
The mind begins to believe
The word for air is vacuum,
Increasing the heart rate,
Driving adrenalin into the blood stream
As the back brain whispers fear and panic
And I place my emergency inhaler close at hand
To push the lurking irrationality
Back into my darker corners.

Lisa Jain Thompson (April 2012)
all is true

Wail On

I imagine the most noticeable difference
Between life and death is that,
In death, there is a fifty-fifty chance
I won't be coughing; I hope not at least,
I would like to have a dignified funeral
Where the paid wailers are not drowned out
By my lung spasms.
— Lisa Jain Thompson (April 2012)

Randomisation is not a new idea. It was first proposed in the seventeenth century by John Baptista van Helmont, a Belgian radical who challenged the academics of his day to test their treatments like blood-letting and purging (based on ‘theory’) against his own, which he said were based more on clinical experience: ‘Let us take out of the hospitals, out of the Camps, or from elsewhere, two hundred, or five hundred poor People, that have Fevers, Pleurisies, etc. Let us divide them into half, let us cast lots, that one half of them may fall to my share, and the other to yours … We shall see how many funerals both of us shall have."

-- Ben Goldacre

quickly this year

All That Remains

The cherry trees are in their summer camouflage,
The warm spring has done them in,
The tourists are gone until Memorial Day,
A few weeks of peace is all that remains.
— Lisa Jain Thompson (April 2012)

a quick spring

Mr. Clark

Dick Clark should not be dead,
How can he be? How can he?
I was 9 years old
When Kenny and Arlene
Danced across the Bandstand stage,
My mother and I watched
Each afternoon together
As the kids from Philadelphia
Did the Stroll and the Twist.
I'll give you a 10, Dick,
You always were the best.

— Lisa Jain Thompson  (April 2012)

I came to realize that many people choose scientific beliefs the same way they choose to be Methodists, or Democrats, or Chicago Cubs fans. They judge science by how well it agrees with the way they want the world to be.

-- Robert L. Park
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